Göteborg Film Festival 2020 reviews and thoughts

Göteborg Film Festival 2020, according to me, Martin. Latest seen film pops up on top, earlier films can be found below....

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Nominees (winners presented way further down):

Best supporting actor:

Larissa Corriveau, Répertoire des villes disparues
Gemma Arterton, My Zoe
Andew Scott, 1917
Martine Chevallier, Deux

Best leading actor:

Julie Delpy, My Zoe
Barbara Sukowa, Deux
Eva Green, Proxima
Carol Duarte, A Vida Invisível

Best ensemble:

Little Joe
Peanut butter falcon

Best director:

Julie Delpy, My Zoe
Sam Mendes, 1917
Karim Aďnouz, A Vida Invisível
Filippo Meneghetti, Deux

Best film:

My Zoe
Seules les bętes

And as per usual (it's a tradition, or an old charter, or something....), it seems proper to announce
This year's.....

….cinema: Draken

….low-point: none, really

….shortage: screenings at Draken

….best seat: Middle of VIP row, Biopalatset

….should be caught at the cinema: Dark waters

….cinematography: Michal Englert - The Other Lamb

….reading: Fool moon, by Jim Butcher

….most uneven: Rare beasts

….set/production design: Little Joe

….theme: Single parents struggling in somewhat sci-fi-ey settings

….vignette film: Anna standing on annoyingly hesitant Jan's head

….weather: OK

….screenplay: 1917

….Bechdel spread: 35%

….transport: Bike, sneakers and tram

….Lost item: Photochromatic glasses

….Skarsgĺrd: None, that I could see

….documentary: Coup 53

….dancing: Deux

….most GFF 1992-2004: Seules les bętes

….rising star: Zélie Boulant, Proxima

And, who won? Well:

Best supporting actor:
Andrew Scott

Best leading actor:
Carol Duarte

Best ensemble:

Best director:
Sam Mendes

Best film:

Little Joe

Botanyscifidramedythriller by Jessica Hausner, GBR/AUT/GER
Points for best set design of the festival. Part campy 50's sci-fi, part social realism and part psychlogical thriller-comedy, Little Joe places squarely in the ungenreable category. Annoying music and unnerving performances and a nice, creepy mood.

4 pastel shirts of 6
4   pbt      


Feminastronautdrama by Alice Winocour, FRA/GER
The story doesn't seem to know where it's going at first. And in the end, that matters little. The story is that of a woman's relationship with her daughter, and the sacrifices they both have to make. And Eva Green is the one carrying the story, with a lot of help from a real find,young Zélie Boulant . It's beautiful and emotional, but perhaps not that exciting. Plus, I think it's a law now, that in every narrative featuring astronauts in training, they have to show the spinning G-force simulator. Bonus points if the protagonist endures more than the staff thinks.

4 languages of 6
4   pbt      

Light of My Life

Nativitydystopy by Casey Affleck, USA
The beginning sets the tone; slow, building, and intense. The three different encounters escalate organically. The main actors both excel, and the setting, lighting and music all add up to a daunting tale.

4 stories of 6
4   fbt      

Coup 53

Docoupmentary by Taghi Amirani, USA/GBR
The situation in the Middle East is, at least in parts, due to British and USA:ian entanglements in the 1950's. As democracy seemed to be emerging, oil companies wanted to keep the feudal state, as a few rulers are easier to bribe than a whole population. As a result, the shah remained in power until theocracy took over in 1979, and that's where we are now. Amirani, a former physicist and Iranian in exile has collected evidence for the British and American involvement, and presents them in usual documentary fashion, other than with one key person, whom they couldn't find, and who instead was portrayed by an actor. Ralph Fiennes, no less.
As with many documentaries, the subject itself was more gripping than the presentation.

4 microfiches of 6
4   fbt      

Peanut butter falcon

Feelgoodroadwrestler by Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz, USA
Funny, charming and just a tad predictable. Mark Twainy and with enjoyable acting from all involved, even Shia LeBouef.

4 rafts of 6
4   fbt      

Rare beasts

Romcomblam by Billie Piper, GBR
I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, the pacing, the direction, the dialogue, and first and foremost the characters, are unlike anything ever seen before. On the other hand, those very same qualities make it incomprehensible and pretentious at times. Piper tries to balance, but falters ever so often. Of course, it is never boring.

3 tantrums of 6
3   fbt      


Romcomdram by Rhys Ernst, USA
Unevenly acted, but entertainingly told. The reputed controversy must be an American thing.
4 shirts of 6
4   fbt      

A Vida Invisível (The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao)

Separationsorority by Karim Aďnouz, BRA
Well told, well acted and well executed. There is a lack of highlights, and I have a hard time caring too much for one of the sisters. All in all, a good film, that doesn't feel as long as it is.

4 potted plants of 6
4   fbt      

Seules les bętes (Only the Animals)

Nestedrama by Dominik Moll, FRA
Somewhere between GFF 1993-2001 style interconnected-stories-woven-together and Rashomon style the mystery ravels, unravels and reravels. Most of the narratives are well executed, and all adds to the sum.

5 secrets of 6
5   pbt      

Deux (Two of us)

Gerontology by Filippo Meneghetti, BEL
The feelings between the two protagonists are genuine and beautifully conveyed. Every decision the characters make makes sense, yet things keep getting worse. But the power of love persists, without it getting too saccharine, and not without massive contributions from Barbara Sukowa and Martine Chevallier.

5 ashtrays of 6
5   pbt      


Wartake by Sam Mendes, GBR
Perfectly paced, Mendes' Great War flick manages to keep the interest up throughout. Impressive scenography, perfect score, believable characters and a technical triumph. It's sometimes difficult to suspend disbelief, but evenso, it's entertaining in most of the emotional spectrum.

5 trenches with not so much rat in them of 6
5   fbt      

My Zoe

Customdy by Julie Delpy, FRA
Fine acting and real emotions. The promised Sci-Fi spin was not out of place, nor was it really that Sci-fi-ey. Julie Delpy is brilliant, and Gemma Arterton convinces as well

5 tries of 6
5   pbt      

Cook F**k Kill

Timelooparthouse by Mira Fornay, CZE
Weird, but not delightully so. Time-loopey, but not thought-provokingly so. Good use of setups and pay-offs regarding parallel narratives, tough.

3 frogs of 6
3   fbt      

De dřdes tjern (Lake of Death)

Splasherfilm by Nini Bull Robsahm, NOR
It tries so hard to pay homage to the horror and slasher genre, but it adds nothing new. It's very beautiful, and tense enough, but it's not really entertaining, nor intelligent. And, which is the most cardinal fault in any horror flick: it's just not scary.
3 clichés of 6
3   fbt      

School of Seduction

Donnadocumentary by Alina Rudnitskaya, RUS
Gender roles are still being enforced in Russia. Some women try to make the best of the situation, and the three different women we follow tell increasingly interesting stories. Oddly enough, it's the young son of one of the portrayed women who sees the clearest truth.
4 douchey teachers of 6
4   fbt    

Répertoire des villes disparues (Ghost town anthology)

Phantomology by Denis Côté, CAN
Weird and slightly off, but decently engaging.

3 masques of 6

3   fbt      

The other lamb

Cult movie by Malgorzata Szumowska, IRE
Slow and tense, with a rather non-original take on sect oppression and indoctrination. Well acted, exceptional cinematography, but kind of boring.
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2   pbt